SportClasse is part of Soulmates, a DriveTribe “tribe” for those who are passionate about cars. In 2019, DriveTribe produced several videos featuring three of our most iconic cars: Porsche 906, Porsche 911 2.4 S and Porsche 356 Outlaw.


Below you can find all the stories about our brand and history that have appeared so far on the DriveTribe Soulmates tribe.

Restoration to race track: one priceless Porsche 906

Championship-winning pedigree will always add value, but this car is priceless to one family in particular.

Watch this stunning rally-spec Porsche 911 on track at Estoril Circuit

This stunning machine packs plenty of character.

This family has an incredible tie to the Porsche 356

Passing a passion for Porsche down through the generations.

Which family member do you share your petrolhead passion with?

A​n obsession for cars is often passed down from generation to generation.

Making an Outlaw: what to do when a classic isn’t good enough to fully restore

Andre Nunes’ 356 is a phoenix from the ashes, but it’s still a rough diamond.

Meet the man who daily drives a prized family heirloom

This soulmate is honouring his grandfather every time he turns the key.

Meet the family keeping Lisbon’s classic flame burning

Our latest Soulmate on upholding a three-generation passion for classics.

How a young mechanic revived a wreck and took it to racing glory

Our latest Soulmate tells how his grandfather started an obsession with cars that’d pass through the generations.

Would you race your daily driver?

Back in the ’60s our Soulmate’s grandfather did just that…

Does your car bring out the child in you?

Even the nicest classics encourage a bit of hooliganism.

Can cars be part of your family? This rally-spec 911 is a well-used heirloom

Has your family ever passed a car down through the generations?

Does driving get better with age?

Our March soulmate gives us a sneak peek at his Dad’s legendary rally skills.

Have you ever had an embarrassing Austin Powers car moment?

Sometimes a corner’s just a bit tighter than you thought…

See what it’s like to daily drive a Porsche 356

It’s funny how the perfect blend of classic car flaws can actually result in perfection.