At SportClasse we have various services to offer you and your Porsche car. Find more details about each of them in the sections below.

and Maintenance

We know that all Porsche models are timeless, due to their design and capacity to resist over the years. However, to perform in their authentic shape it is necessary to service them by who knows their engineering.

Classic or Modern, we have a high skilled team of technicians capable to offer your Porsche every service that it needs to be driven without any concerns.

Classic Department Hourly Rate: 75 € + 23% VAT
(all air-cooled Porsche)


Modern Department Hourly Rate: 68 € + 23% VAT

(all water-cooled Porsche)


Our services:

Diagnostic and Check-up
Oil changes
Crash Repairs
Engine rebuilds
Transmission rebuilds

Wheel Alignment

Tire Change
Air Conditioning Recharge

and Customisation

Our Classic Department has a vast knowledge of the classic Porsche manufacturing techniques and processes. All the cars are restored according to their Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, keeping their originality, appealing to investment.


To be able to offer a high-quality restoration, we count on a team assembled by specialized technicians in different areas: chassis, mechanical components, electrical, painting, interior.


To guarantee you a unique driving pleasure, we offer you the chance to customize your car to your preferences as we also believe that your Porsche should be enjoyed on the roads. Bellow you can find the processes that the cars go through:

Before Restoration

We receive the cars at our facilities in any condition, coming from every corner of the world. The car is totally disassembled and afterwards all the parts are carefully inspected.


The chassis go through the paint removal procedure, using soda blasting to avoid a worst deterioration of the shell. A primer protection coating is then applied.

Our technicians at the metal fabrication department spend on average three months to put back in shape the chassis, using the Porsche traditional techniques and tools.


The cars are painted according the standards and color codes of Porsche.

Engine and Gearbox

Every engine and gearbox are totally disassembled. All components are inspected and replaced if necessary.


The interior is tailored using Porsche fabrics, textures, colors and finishing.

Our electrics technicians test every component and rebuild the electric installation of the car.

Assembly procedure takes a lot of skill and passion. Every bolt is tightened with care, respecting the old original Porsche techniques. This is when it all comes together.

Testing and Quality Control

The attention to detail is crucial when dealing with a Porsche. All cars after assembly are tested and go through a carefully quality control process before being ready to be delivered.

After Restoration

After around nine months, without unexpected delays, your Porsche is ready to be enjoyed.

Your wait is over, just drive it and take the most out of it.

Other Services

and Investment

We have been in the Porsche business for a long time, which provided us with the experience needed to advise you on your next investment, by knowing the market trends and value.

Our Porsche database and network are vast, which can help us find the right car for you.

and Registration

We can help you register and certificate your car in Portugal. Bring the documentation to us.

Sell your car

If you are looking to sell or trade your Porsche we can advise you on the market value, inspect and sell it according to our quality standards.

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