A genuine race replica. Ready to race!

The beauty of one of the most sucessfull cars in rally history.

Starting from the catch Escort range, Ford had intended to produce a sporting version of this model. The first one was the Escort equipped with a Lotus engined Twin-Cam. A car born to race, the first from a winning family.

The Twin-Cam used the same 1558cc engine as the Lotus Cortina. This meant 110bhp and a top speed of 115mph. A reinforced bodyshell with wider wheel arches and quarter bumpers hid the uprated suspension and front disc brakes. The Escort Twin-Cam was conceived and developed by Ford’s Boreham based competitions department during 1967 and unleashed during January 1968. Ford entered their first event with the Escort, taking part in a Rallycross event. Result? The Escort Twin-Cam won 4 races out right. Was just the begging of a very sucessfull career.

The Ford works team was practically unbeatable in the late 1960’s and 1970’s with. In total, only 883 Ford Escort Twin-Cams MK I were built and this is a replica. 


  • Ready to race;
  • Built under the original specs;
  • Historial;



Engine: 4 cil. twin-cam;
Capacity: 1558cc;
Transmission: manual 4V;
Traction: RWD;
Power: 110 bhp;
Miles: 68.000;


0-100km/h: 9.7 seg.;
Top Speed: 181 km/h.;


Factory spec; minilite wheels; full restored;

General condition

Documentacion: Yes;
Running: Yes; History: Yes;

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