Only 883 of these hand built cars were made with Lotus twin cam engines. This car offers its next owner the chance to own a piece of Ford competition history.

It is not often that a Mk 1 Twin-Cam in this conditition is for sale. As you know, their prices continues to climb.

Starting from the catch Escort range, Ford had intended to produce a sporting version of this model. The first one was the Escort equipped with a Lotus engined Twin-Cam. A car born to race, the first from a winning family.

The Twin-Cam used the same 1558cc engine as the Lotus Cortina. This meant 110bhp and a top speed of 115mph. A reinforced bodyshell with wider wheel arches and quarter bumpers hid the uprated suspension and front disc brakes. The Escort Twin-Cam was conceived and developed by Ford’s Boreham based competitions department during 1967 and unleashed during January 1968. Ford entered their first event with the Escort, taking part in a Rallycross event. Result? The Escort Twin-Cam won 4 races out right. Was just the begging of a very sucessfull career.

The Ford works team was practically unbeatable in the late 1960’s and 1970’s with. In total, only 883 Ford Escort Twin-Cams MK I were built. This original Escort Twin-Cam is an early 1968 example finished in Ermine White with black interior (almost entire production had this configuration). Our Escort was restored in 2004 by the previous owner, only using original parts. Almost didn’t covered any miles since then. See some images of the process:


  • Matching Numbers;
  • Chassis nº BB49JM13953
  • 1 of 883 ever made;
  • A trully piece of history;
  • Fully restored in 2004;
  • Factory Spec;



Engine: 4 cil. twin-cam;
Capacity: 1558cc;
Transmission: manual 4V;
Traction: RWD;
Power: 110 bhp;
Miles: 68.000;


0-100km/h: 9.7 seg.;
Top Speed: 181 km/h.;


Factory spec; minilite wheels; full restored;

General condition

Documentacion: Yes;
Running: Yes; History: Yes;

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